Sell your coins

Sell your Skyblock coins

, Are you a Skyblock player who has reached the end of the game and experienced everything the game has to offer? And attempting to convert all your hard work into irl currencies with a trusted buyer? Look no more.

As one of the biggest Skyblock marketplace, We have a high-sell volume that allows us to buy on a considerable scale.

Why Sell to us?

  • Fast, Safe, and no need to worry about chargebacks from random buyers.
  • Able to keep enjoying the server after selling all your Skyblock Items without getting banned
  • We are able to purchase in large-quantities
  • We offer a reasonable rate that matches the market's currents

Who we work with

  • Legit players with a reasonable Skill-average that matches your Networth
  • Macroers that use, Private Island-type of scripts

Withdraw Methods

  • PayPal Good & service (a week holding period from PayPal)
  • PayPal Friend & Family (Instant, + 5.99% PayPal Sending-Fee)
  • Cashapp (instant)
  • Cryptos (Instant, Network fees + 12.99% Sending-Fee)
  • Gift cards (Amazon, UberEat, Steam Etc, contact support to check if a specific brand is supported, 10% Fee)

Rates (Updated Jun 18, 2022)

Our Rate differs due to the volume of the coins, with a Minimum sale of 300mil.

  • ≤ 500mil, 0.08 per million
  • ≤ 1000mil, 0.085 per million
  • ≤ 2000mil, 0.09 per million
  • ≤ 5000mil, 0.095 per million
  • ≥ 5001mil, Flat 0.1 per million

How does this work?

In order to sell your coins, Please convert your items to coins at the auction house first. We only accept pure coins, No minions, Pets, Etc...

Once it has been completed, Reach out to our support team using the contact information below with the required information. We will use a secret and safe transfer method to transfer the coins.

Contact us

Email: [email protected]

Please reach out to us in the following format:

  • Amount to sell
  • Your Time zone
  • Your in-game username
  • Your payout Method
  • Your account type(Legit/Macro'er), Please note that we do not accept duped coins, We will check the account SA and see if the amount you are selling is reasonable.